CSR Policy


ImProvia is a group of engineers, technical specialists and project managers, who are able to execute complex technical projects with a big spectrum of stakeholders in a variation of industrial areas. Because of the social importance and the wish of ImProvia to be aware of its social responsibility, ImProvia strives for a healthy balance between people, planet and profit in all projects that are executed. To become able to show continuously improve the awareness of corporate social responsibility, ImProvia has decided to achieve a CSR certification.

CSR Performance Ladder

ImProvia has chosen the CSR Performance Ladder as guideline for the CSR certification. Here, CSR is a process of continuous improvement, focussed on the company itself and the environment. Therefore, the Quality Management System has been expanded to fit with the CSR policy of ImProvia. The policy of ImProvia is based on a well-defined stakeholders analysis  and build upon the 33 indicators of the Performance Ladder. Here, it should be noted that many of the indicators already are commonplace at ImProvia. That said, only a few minor adaptions had to be done in the operational process of ImProvia to achieve a third stage certificate of the CSR Performance Ladder.


ImProvia values a good dialogue with its stakeholders to a large extent, where also the most important topics of CSR are discussed and the CSR ambitions of these stakeholders are mentioned. The stakeholders of ImProvia include customers, suppliers, cooperating partners and employees. The CSR policy is built upon the vision of the stakeholders and the aspects that they find the most important. Also in the future, ImProvia will keep the stakeholders actively updated on the CSR policy and activities through mailings and sustainability reports.


The employees of ImProvia are the most important assets, which makes that the CSR aspect regarding people is playing a major role. Healthy employees (low amount of absenteeism), a safe workplace (zero accidents) and great development (opportunities for education) are valued highly by ImProvia and will remain cared off at any kind.


ImProvia is aware of its environmental impact and ecological footprint and has therefore implemented a responsible office policy regarding energy consumption, material consumption, waste flows and mobility. Every year a CO2 emission report is made to indicate our ecological footprint. Furthermore, this report contains plans and initiatives to further reduce the CO2 emission of ImProvia.


ImProvia has monthly financial reports, divided per office, in which all costs are set up against the incomes. Every office is responsible for its own financials. By having multiple offices in multiple regions, projects are mostly executed at and for regional customers, which supports the local economic climate of this particular region.

CO2 Policy of ImProvia

ImProvia has a clear CO2 policy, which can be read in the downloadable reports below.