Development of 7″ and 4.5″ expander tools for oil drilling

During the drilling of a well, casings (pipes) are put into the borehole. The space that occures between the borehole and the steel casings is being filled with cement. When the cement hardens, it will shrink and a leaking path will occur between the steel casings and the cement. To encounter this issue, it is thought to compact the cement at certain places by expanding the casings, which will prevent or reduce the leakage.

The activities of ImProvia are the engineering of the various tools (multiple “sizes” will be developed) that can deploy the expansion capabilities of the steel casings. Additionaly, all detailed drawings are made and quotations are requested from various manufacturing companies to build the developed tools.

The exceptionality of this project is the limited space in which the tools should operate, the length of the tools (8 meters) and materials/coating choices that have to be made due to the extremely high forces in the borehole.

Currently, one of the tools will be tested in a real borehole in Canada soon. The other tool is developed and now we are in the quotation phase for building this second tool.

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