Airport baggage handling configuration

Customer: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol/ Compris


Each year, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol handles approximately 48 million items of baggage by an incredibly large baggage area above and below the floors of the airport. In the past ten years, the baggage system expanded extensively, which enhanced the desire to gain a clear overview of the total system. Since 2014, ImProvia, directed by Compris, deals with the configuration, version and change management for the baggage handling system of Schiphol Airport.


A well-operating baggage system is an important factor in assuring the performance of Schiphol concerning the baggage handling. Every passenger should arrive at its destination with his or her, unharmed, baggage and that the waiting time is as shortly as possible. Here, the baggage system plays an essential role.

The system, including IT-hardware, software and information; is managed by the department Baggage Management of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The management is conducted by the following systems:

– ITSM for the change management and configurations

– EDMS for documents

– VersionDog for versioning of serving software

The tasks of ImProvia consist out of loading and checking of the documents and software. Also questions from the service teams are solved and ImProvia is ensuring the timely planning of the actions. Another important task is securing the safety of the data and the relationships between the configuration items (CI’s) and systems. Currently more than 55.000 CI’s are managed!


Our activities result in a well-operating baggage handling system, which secures that the baggage of the travellers will be transported to the right destination. In the video below you will get an impression of a baggage handling process. It is important that all systems are in perfect condition and well-integrated with each other to assure the perfect baggage handling.

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