Breston Eco Hoppers

Customer: Breston


Breston B.V. is a machine factory that specializes in machines for bulk handling.

For a large chemical plant in Australia, Breston B.V. got the assignment to design two big Hoppers. Hoppers are large steerable steel hoppers that can move on rails along the quay. These Hoppers are used to unload and transport the cargo of large ships in a dust-free manner to the factory, or via chutes to trucks.

Designing and building for an Australian customer requires specific knowledge of the applicable Australian laws and regulations (AS, AS / NZS). Especially in the area of ​​safety and the environment there are considerable differences relative to other countries. These differences require not only a translation to the design, but also to the documentation to be delivered. All required documentation must be delivered in a final delivery dossier, “Manufacturer Document Record Book (MDR)”, after acceptance by the customer. For ImProvia, the challenge to compile an MDR together with Breston and the (end)customer in accordance with Australian laws and regulations.


Because there was no concrete agreement between the client and the (end)customer about the content of the MDR, ImProvia first compiled a document index. From that moment on, insight was gained for all parties and agreement could be reached with regard to the documents to be delivered. During the further course of the project, ImProvia advised on the concrete implementation of the documentation and offered support in the documentation realisation and management.


The Hoppers have been tested and taken over by the customer (see video below).

After the acceptance tests and the signing of the latest documents, the “MDR” was completed and formally delivered by ImProvia. The final delivery has taken place to the full satisfaction of the client. The (end)customer has also personally informed ImProvia that they are very satisfied with the result!

A nice compliment that we are very proud of!

Video Testing and loading Breston Hoppers/funnels.

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