Cleaning machine for pistons chambers

Customer: MAHLE


MAHLE Group is one of world’s 20 largest suppliers and a development partner for the automotive industry. MAHLE offers innovative mobility solutions that stand for clean air, fuel efficiency, and driving pleasure for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The plant in Krotoszyn, Poland, produces valves, bushes and engine pistons.

During the production process of aluminium pistons it is essential to have a maximum level of cleanliness to prevent failures and issues with the end product. Therefore, ImProvia was assigned to deliver a complete operating and integrated washing machine, to clean production cells used in the production of aluminium pistons. Hence, this was assigned to be a turnkey project in which ImProvia was responsible for the design, realisation, delivery, testing, staff training and putting the machine into service.


The engineers of ImProvia designed a concept that is based on a dish-washer which should be loaded and unloaded by the machine operator. ImProvia tested acid-based cleaning substances in search for the best result and developed an efficient product holder for the production cells. Since the washing process includes high temperatures and caustic chemicals, special safety and operating procedures were applied.


The machine was successfully assembled by ImProvia and placed at the MAHLE production plant in Krotoszyn. There, we conducted the electrical installation as well as executing tests, training for the operators and putting the machine into service.

 During this successful project ImProvia developed a positive relationship with MAHLE. Since MAHLE is expanding their production capacities, we have new opportunities to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise and become a reliable supplier of turnkey technical projects.

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