Engineering of cookie handling equipment

Customer: Houdijk Holland


Houdijk Holland is specialised in designing and developing handling- and capping systems for sandwiches, cookies, crackers and biscuits. The whole development process is managed in-house: the system architecture, mechanical-, electrical- and software engineering, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of the machines and systems. Houdijk is located in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, but deploys its machinery all over the globe. Almost 100 percent of the systems are exported to regions as Mexico, Peru, Turkey, China and Russia.

Some years ago, Houdijk Holland was in the look-out for a party with technical expertise to support designing the machines and conduct the detail engineering (2D drawings). By increasing the engineering capacity, Houdijk is able to meet the growing demand for these special systems and machinery. The technical specialists of ImProvia are recruited by Houdijk to expand this capacity, mainly because ImProvia’s knowledge on electromechanical engineering fits like a glove with the in-house engineering knowledge of Houdijk.


Following the request of Houdijk, several engineers of ImProvia have started at Houdijk to increase the engineering capacity. These engineers became part of the in-house engineering department. The tasks of the engineers regarded mechanical- and electrical engineering, developing detailed drawings, drawing the necessary documentation and during the assembly of some systems the engineers were requested for advice.

During these projects, the ImProvia engineers are both leading and part of the project team at Houdijk, in which the lead differed at every project. For the in-house projects, which are realised at ImProvia’s office in Halsteren, the project engineer provides instructions to the project engineer of ImProvia, which passes these instructions on to the various technical specialists of ImProvia. Additionally, several internal training courses are provided by Houdijk to enable the ImProvia engineers to successfully execute the projects.


This constructive cooperation still continues in various projects. If there is a demand for more engineering capacity, ImProvia can always fulfil the need of Houdijk. Especially, because of the substantive knowledge of the machines that is gained in the past years, ImProvia can be involved in the projects of Houdijk rather easy.

Furthermore, the ImProvia engineers also gained knowledge about the food industry and its machines. Especially about the strict laws and guidelines in regard to safety and cleanliness. This knowledge can also be used for other projects in the food industry.

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