Rettig Systems Engineering

Customer: Rettig Heating Wałcz -Poland


Rettig Heating Wałcz (part of is specialized in production of high quality panel radiators. Last years they have invested in upgrading old control systems into the most up to date systems in their production.

Due to the lack of spare parts on the market, more and more failures occur that affect the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The assignment for ImProvia was to convert the CPU control from part of the production line from Siemens S5 to Siemens S7 315 ​​CPU with Murr I/O Cube20 modules.

The scope of the project consisted of the following activities: Eplan engineering, PLC / HMI software, inventory of the current system, replacement of various components, testing and debugging.

The biggest challenges were:

  • Due to the fact that the existing system had no (or very poor) documentation, there was a risk of wiring errors which in turn could lead to malfunctioning of the whole line
  • because the production plan was set up to start from wk01 with full capacity, the conversion had to be carried out according to a very tight schedule of just one week (52-2018).


All challenges were solved, the production line started in wk01 with full capacity without major problems.

All this was possible thanks to very good preparations and specialist experience of a result-oriented and driven team.


Rettig Heating is satisfied with the end result and asked us to prepare an offer for another part of the line that is planned for conversion in 2019.

A nice compliment that we are very proud of!

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